Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Consistently upgrade internal management and provide customer safe/ high-quality/ appropriate products and instant/ satisfactory services.
Environmental/ Occupational Health/ Safety Policy (E.H.S. Policy)
  • Comply with E.H.S. regulations and participate in environmental friendly campaign.
  • Establish an integral E.H.S. management system to set E.H.S. objectives, conform to relevant regulations and conduct audit on the performances.
  • Continually endeavor to prevent pollution and reduce risks of the violation of E.H.S.
  • Economize energy, reduce and recycle waste, and increase the utilization of resources.
  • Implement the E.H.S. training and drills to prevent potential accidents.
  • Continually communicate the relevant policies and knowledge with all suppliers and contractors.
Hazardous Substance Free Management Policy
  • Comply with the Hazardous Substance Free regulations and requirements.
  • Continually improve production processes and prevent pollution caused during the processes.
  • Communicate the Hazardous Substance Free regulations to employees, customers and suppliers.
Conflict-free Minerals Policy
  • Not to purchase conflict minerals from mines in the Conflict Regions.
  • Request our suppliers to notify their upstream/downstream suppliers to follow Minerals Conflict-Free requirements.
  • Continuing our industry leadership and our efforts to source conflict-free minerals from the Conflict Regions where possible.