This Privacy Policy aims to explain the information types we collect as you visit our website, and the protection measures we took to secure your personal data.
● Terms of use
While visiting our website, users agree that they will not use this website for any unlawful activity. This website is governed and construed by the laws of the Republic of China(Taiwan).
● Scope of Privacy Policy
The following Privacy Policy covers the information gathering, utilizing and protecting that involved when you visit our website. The visits to websites connected through our pages are excluded. Web pages connected through AKER website have their individual privacy policies, despite AKER's ownership of those websites. Thus AKER does not bear the involving responsibilities. When you pay your visit to these websites, the personal data protection is covered by their own privacy policies.
● Personal data gathering and utilizing
1. We do not collect personal data when you visit AKER web pages, and when you download files from AKER website.

2. When offering personal data, please provide the latest and most correct information, including your name, phone and email.

3. When providing us your precious opinions or sales-related inquiries, we will reserve your contact records, in order to contact you if needed.

4. The website server will document the users' IP addresses, surfing time and surfing contents. This information will be used for our internal aggregate analyses of the network flow and internet behavior examination, to facilitate the improvement of our service quality. These analyses will be conducted in the mass instead of individually.

5. AKER has the obligation to protect the privacy of our website users. Without your approval, we will not revise or delete any personal data or files. Except under the following circumstances:
(1) When invectives or personal attacks exist.
(2)To protect related individual's rights and ownerships.
(3)To protect all website-related units.

6. By no means will AKER sell, trade or lease your personal data to other groups, individuals or enterprises. Except under the following circumstances:
(1)To operate in coordination with judiciary investigation
(2)To operate in coordination with investigation from related institutions with functional needs.
(3)Base on the legal requirements, to disclose certain information with good intention. Or to maintain and improve our online service.

● Information security and protection
This website is equipped with firewall, in order to prevent illegal intruding, depredation or stealing our data. When using the services provided by this website, the data stored by our system will be perfectly protected, so as to secure your personal information.
● Self-protection on personal data
To safeguard your rights, please properly put all your personal data under your custody, do not by any means provide this information to the third person. Information provided voluntarily through the internet (ex: in internet forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms…etc) will probably be used and gathered by others, and leads to possibility of receiving emails from others.
● Inquiry on Privacy Policy
You are very welcome to contact us for any questions regarding this Privacy Policy declaration.