About AKER
Dept. Responsible duties
Audit Office Audit and assess the implementation of internal control and provide the recommendations.
G.M. Office Drive management systems in a wide variety, review and analyze operating effects and plan of crucial investments.
Financial Dept. Accounting Management, Financial Statements and Fund Management.
Administration Dept. General administration, develop human resource, control payroll, training. Plan for network, maintain hardware and introduce & sustain system.
Sales Dept. Expand & explore sales market, make delivery document orders, and manage account receivable (AR).
Manufacturing Dept. Plan and perform production, engineering personnel's training and expansion of production capacity.
R&D Dept. Research and develop new products, improve production technology.
QC Dept. Make simulation and reliability test for products and the process.
E.S.H. Dept. Responsible for environmental, safety and health planning and management.